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UNIFRIGOR s.r.l. has been founded in 1983 by Giovanni Lupano, thanks to his experience of more than thirty years in the commercial refrigeration. The Company UNIFRIGOR has started as a manufacturer of equipment for beer and drink refrigeration and storage of ice cream and frozen products.


The range of products has widened over the years, thanks to high quality profile of technical/production staff. Currently, our range includes:

Vertical displays and cabinets refrigerated with positive and negative temperature;

Gastronorm displays and cabinets;

Euronorm displays and cabinets;

Refrigerated working tables;

Horizontal multi-use refrigerators with positive temperature especially indicated for storage of drinks and beer;

Refrigerated undercopunters for beer kegs;

Ice cream cabinets;

Displays and cabinets for wine;

Cabinets for fresh fish;

Refrigerators for medical sector, blood bank refrigerators and refrigerators for pharmacy.


Our Company is always looking for new markets and new products to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers. At present, the company, founded by Mr. Giovanni Lupano, is managed by the children Massimo and Raffaella Lupano, both engineers. They are in charge of corporate management and administration.

From a trading point of view, UNIFRIGOR has a share on the Italian market and on all the European markets (such as France, U.K., Belgium, Germany; Austria, Netherlands, etc.) and international ones, such as Saudi Arabia, South America, New Zealand and many others.


One of the key points of UNIFRIGOR is the restless research for innovation and improvement of products, in order to meet the newest and more specific requirements of the market.

Another key point is the importance given to QUALITY.

Our technical/sales staff believes that quality is a main issue, on which the production policy should be based.

A very strict corporate policy for control of production process and materials is implemented thanks to systems designed by ourselves.

This ensures the perfect quality of the finished products. Our Company operates in compliance with ISO 9001 standard.