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Door customization

Dear Customer

Our lines of under counter are provided of a new optional that is the possibility of customizing the front of the solid door of your cabinet with personalized stickers on the base of your drawings or images. From now on, you can choose between:

Glass door (a very good solution to show the product you are stored in your fridge thanks to the neon tube lighting system)

Glass door Eco Line (the best solution to improve even more the quality of internal lighting thanks to LED lighting system, which is available also in different colours, and simultaneously reduce consistently energy consumption)

Solid door (the solution with the maximum of insulation and also a cheap price)

Solid door customized with stickers (the solution to have always the maximum of insulation and also the possibility of advertising every type of product or simply make the front door customized with a nice image. In this case every possible mess inside the cabinet will be hidden to customers eyes. All prices are for a single door, but in case of bigger quantities we can arrange special prices)

As you can see, all 4 solutions we are offering you, are really specific for their given use. You have only to choose the type of door you need and build the counter of your dreams.

Our sales department is at your disposal for any other detail you may need

Best regards