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1) IRREVOCABILITY OF ORDER - Upon signature of the order, the customer undertakes irrevocably for a period of 15 days to purchase the products indicated in the same order, at the price agreed (except for provisions of subclause 6); Unifrigor s.r.l. reserves the right to accept the order or reject it; the agreement will be deemed as defined upon express acceptance or, anyway, 15 days after the transmission of the order to Unifrigor s.r.l., who will fulfil its obligation by shipping the products. The goods are sent at customer’s risk. At any time Unifrigor s.r.l. can halt or suspend the delivery, in case the customer does not comply, even partially, with payment terms or other obligation, or when, at its discretion, Unifrigor s.r.l. does not consider the payment terms reliable.

2) DELIVERY - Delivery terms should be considered as indicative, not essential, and can be modified without any right for the customer to indemnity or damage claim, and become effective from the date of signature of the agreement. These terms will be suspended in case the payment has been settled before the delivery. In addition to force majeure, including personnel strike, a 20% allowance on the number of days agreed for delivery is admitted; the days requested for final tests and other tests, if necessary, are not included in this computation; Unifrigor s.r.l. can not be held liable for delays due to the transport agent.

3) PAYMENTS - The payment is defined with “advanced bank transfer” for the first order (if not otherwise provided in the agreement) and, anyway it should be made to Unifrigor s.r.l.

4) INVOICING - Anyway, when goods are ready, Unifrigor s.r.l. reserves the right to issue the invoice related to the same goods.

5) GOODS READY AND STORAGE - Unifrigor s.r.l. can send to the purchaser a “goods ready” notice; if the customer fail to arrange the goods collection within 10 days, Unifrigor s.r.l. will charge a daily amount of 10 € for storage costs, starting from the eleventh day after the notice above has been sent, until collection. After 2 months from that notice, Unifrigor s.r.l. has the right to terminate the agreement and claim the payment of the storage costs, as explained above, plus an indemnity of 50% of the amount of the supply and possible additional amounts for damage.

6) PRICE - The price indicated in the offer should not be considered as definite, as it can change depending on possible increase of costs until order confirmation; unless otherwise agreed, the price does not include VAT and other taxes. In case the customer can benefit from facilitations and/or exemptions, Unifrigor s.r.l. should be informed in written at the order and all necessary details should be provided. Otherwise, Unifrigor s.r.l. will comply with tax laws and the customer should anyway reimburse any amount in full.

7) “SOLVE ET REPETE” - Payments can not be delayed or suspended, even partially, for any reason. Possible claims cannot be filed, and possible objections cannot be contested until the full payment has been settled, ex art. 1462 of the Italian Civil Code, according to the principle of “solve et repete” – pay and then claim.

8) TRANSPORT AND PACKAGING - The goods are sold ex-works; the customer should arrange their collection. The goods are shipped at customer’s risk. The customer is obliged to collect the goods as they are, except for actions against the transport agent. The seller is not liable, even in case he has selected the transport agent on behalf of the customer.

9) INTEREST - The computation of interest on amounts in arrears will start from the day following the date when the payment was due, or, in case of direct remittance, the day following the delivery date. It corresponds to 5% (five per cent) per year.

10) TERMINATION OF THE TERM BENEFIT - In derogation to any regulation, in case of payment by instalments of a single supply or payment upon each delivery for orders with partial delivery, the failure to pay respectively one instalment or one supply will cause the termination of the term benefit. As a consequence, all the remaining instalments will be immediately due for the goods already delivered. In addition to that, Unifrigor s.r.l. has the right to terminate the agreement. The customer is obliged to indemnify Unifrigor s.r.l. for damage and pay the remaining amount due.

11) ENFORCEABLE LAW AND ARBITRATION - In case of dispute arising from the provisions of this agreement, is only accepted the enforceability of Italian law and the arbitration house of Piemonte will be exclusively competent.

12) GUARANTEE - Replacement of defective parts: 12 months for all parts excluding electrical components and glass doors. Guarantee will not be valid in case of non-payment or delayed payments of our products. Guarantee don’t cover goods during the transport, also in case of robbery.

13) PROPERTY RIGHT - The property of the goods is transmitted to the customer upon full settlement of the price. Meanwhile, the customer has a property option. In case of payments overdue, the customer becomes the bailee of the goods: he is obliged to respect all regulations and obligations provided by a bailment or use agreement. I n case of failure to fulfil his payment obligations, the bailee should return the goods and should indemnify the owner for the use of the goods and their decay. Pursuant to art. 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code, the points 1 (IRREVOCABILITY OF ORDER), 2 (DELIVERY), 5 (GOODS READY AND STORAGE), 7 (SOLVE ET REPETE), 8 (TRANSPORT AND PACKAGING), 9 (INTEREST), 10 (TERMINATION OF THE TERM BENEFIT), 11 (ENFORCEABLE LAW AND ARBITRATION), 12 (GUARANTEE AND DEFECTS), 13 (PROPERTY RIGHT) of the general terms above are expressly approved.


The company has the right to modify any term without previous notice

In case of order we will consider accepted these sale general terms